640 g. autumn rice flour
3.84 kg. turnips
120 g. bacon
4 tablespoons peanut oil
80 g. parsley
2 sausages
80 g. dried small shelled shrimPs
2 tablespoons sugar
4 teaspoons light soy sauce
dim sum


  1. Wash dried small shelled shrimps clean, soak them thoroughlY and chop them finely; wash bacon and sausages Clean and cut them into pellets.
  2. Heating the pot and pouring oil in. fry the (1) until cooked and place them in a container for use.
  3. Skin the turnips, wash them clean, shred them, dump them into the pot heated until red, add oil and water to boil together, turning them over at times with the shovel when boiling, until the turnips completely change colour, add the (2) and seasonings to mix well and place them with the juice in a plate.
  4. Sieve autumn rice flour into the mixture in the plate, stir them well quickly civith the shovel at times, pour the mixture into the cake pan applied with oil and steam it above boiling water over high heat for 1 hour. If no flour sticks to a chopstick inserted, they are ready for serving.