640 g. autumn rice
1.28 kg. water
40 g. peanut oil
dim sum


  1. Soak the autumn rice in water for 1 hour, mill it into smooth paste, add peanut oil to mix well, pour 640 g. of water in to stir well and steam the mixture.
  2. In steaming, use a square stove, put a square pot on the stove, place a copper wire stand 30 cm long and 20 cm wide on each side of the pot and cover each of them with an iron lid.
  3. Bring water to boil violently in the pot, soak 2 pieces of white cloth 35 cm long and 30 cm wide wet in water, spread them on the copper wire stands, mix part of the (1) with water, pour the mixture onto the cloth. cover the pot and steam the mixture to form a thin paste surface so as to prevent the tubes from sticking to the cloth.
  4. Pour the (1) with a ladle onto the cloth on the stands in the pot, put the meat (shelled shrimps, beef or roast pork) in the paste, cover the iron lids and steam them for 3 minutes until cooked. Pull the flour sheets with the cloth out, put them on the iron table top with the sheets downward and the cloth upward, lift the cloth up, fold the flour sheets three times, cut them into sticks, cut each stick into 2 lengths, put them in a plate and eat them together with boiled oil and soy sauce.